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Optimise Your Pitch Performance: The Grow-In Phase

"So now that your pitch has been renovated, we focus on the crucial grow-in phase."

Optimise Your Field Performance: The Grow-In Phase Seed Sown

Soil Moisture Management

Once your pitch has been renovated and the seed is sown the next critical phase is ensuring proper soil moisture management for seed germination. Seedlings require only warmth and moisture to germinate successfully. To achieve uniform germination, maintain consistent moisture levels throughout the soil. Verify that your irrigation system is functioning correctly, and the arcs are set for optimum application. 

It's advisable to water when on-site to monitor sprinkler performance and avoid nighttime watering, which can increase disease risk. Aim for watering in the early morning and late morning, followed by a soil moisture reading to determine if a third application is necessary. This will vary by site, and that’s why moisture data is critical.

Optimise Your Field Performance: The Grow-In Phase Irrigation

Temperature Considerations

For those in the UK and Northern Europe, be mindful that low night temperatures this year may prolong germination times. Keep this in mind and avoid rushing to overseed too quickly, as this can cause issues in the following weeks. If you're in a region with different climate conditions, adjust your grow-in practices accordingly.

Establishment and Fertilization

Once your seed has germinated, start to reduce your watering and utilize the soil moisture probe more to determine irrigation timings. Return to watering in the morning only if moisture levels are lower than 12-15%, and continue to avoid night watering to reduce disease risk. Now that you have established plants, shift your focus to fertilizer applications, particularly Nitrogen. Ensure there is enough Nitrogen in the soil for the plants to establish without overapplying, which can lead to waste and increase disease risk.

Growth Regulation and Maintenance

After 2-3 weeks, you may consider introducing a growth regulator if available in your country. This helps to slow upward growth, allowing the plants to thicken and develop stronger. You may notice that with Cylinder mowers, the blades might fan the weak grass plants over, preventing a good standard of cut until the plants are more established. If this happens, use more rotary mower cuts, as their suction helps lift the plants for a better cut during this early period.

Monitoring and Optimization

Implement monitoring using tools like the Raw Density Scanner to weekly measure the density throughout the grow-in phase and determine precisely when your pitch is 100% ready for play.

Expert Support and Guidance

Feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues during the grow-in; we would be happy to assist you. Optimise your pitch performance with these practices and ensure a successful grow-in phase.

Optimise Your Field Performance: The Grow-In Phase Results

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