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  • Reece Watson

Meet the Raw Stadia team - Aurélie

In ‘meet the team’ you will get to know all Raw Stadia team members. First up: Aurélie who recently started at Raw Stadia. Let's ask her a few questions. What do you do at Raw Stadia? I recently started as the new marketing manager at Raw Stadia. I will take care of all communications such as our social media content, but also the website, newsletters and sales material. Everything you see of Raw Stadia should have passed through my fingers :-). Why Raw Stadia? The last few years I’ve been working in bigger companies. I’ve learned a lot but I’m looking forward to working in a smaller, more agile company. I love the start-up mentality and the let’s-get-things-done attitude. Looking forward to contributing to that. What is your first impression at Raw Stadia? It’s a small team but everyone is very eager to get things done and to help each other out. Also, I love the afterwork drinks on Friday (when do we plan the next one?) and the lunch trips to ‘de frituur’ . What is the number one item on your bucket list? Girl trip to Ibiza with my friends, without kids :-). Something we've been planning to do for a long time now but never really got to it. Give us some good conversations starters. Something to talk about during a coffee break. Here are 3: - True crime documentaries / podcasts - The latest Netflix series - My kids (yes, I am a mom. I will not start about them myself but if you ask, I will bore you for hours with pictures and everything.) Are you a sports fan? Yes, I am. I love watching sports such as tennis, golf, formula 1, handball,... Cosy Sunday afternoons with some sport on the TV in the background are my favorite. However, my own sporting career is at its all-time low. I've always played handball but after having 2 kids, it is limited to an occasional run. Planning on picking that up again though! Thanks, Aurélie. Glad to have you in our team and looking forward to working with you.

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