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Raw Stadia hits a Home Run

Updated: May 7

Raw Stadia's groundbreaking partnership with a professional baseball team in North America introduces state-of-the-art surface analysis technology, enhancing player performance, safety, and training adaptability, this while revolutionising how teams approach sports technology and analytics.

Going into Baseball with Precision Analytics

In a ground-breaking move, Raw Stadia has partnered with another professional baseball team in North America, making a significant leap forward in sports technology and its application in baseball. This additional collaboration is set to redefine how baseball teams approach training, performance, and risk of injury prevention through state-of-the-art surface analysis technology.

Enhancing Performance and Safety

One of the primary advantages of integrating Raw Stadia's technology is the substantial enhancement in player performance, coupled with a reduced risk of injuries. By analysing the conditions of the clay (infield dirt) and the grass (outfield), Raw Stadia provides critical data that helps understand how different surfaces can affect gameplay and player safety. This precise measurement allows for adjustments to be made by the Performance Team and by Grounds Management.

RAA in use
Baseball display in RAA
RTT in hse
Baseball display in RTT

Optimising Ball Dynamics

A significant component of baseball is the behaviour of the ball, including how it rolls and spins off different surfaces. Raw Stadia's technology measures ground conditions, impact, traction, and how the ball interacts with various types of surfaces under different weather conditions. This data is invaluable for players and coaches, as it allows them to fine-tune their techniques to maximize performance during games. Understanding how the players and the ball behave on different conditions influences batting, and fielding strategies, thus ultimately affecting game outcomes.

Tailored Training and Gear Adaptation

Beyond game-day performance, Raw Stadia's analytics extend to optimizing training protocols and equipment. By measuring training grounds and stadium fields, the team can now understand the nuances between different playing surfaces. This information is crucial in adapting training routines, choosing the right footwear, and even tailoring rehabilitation programs to individual needs. This to ensure that each player achieves optimal performance.

Thanks to the technology, you can also customize the training sessions based on the surface data. For example, if infield dirt is harder on the training grounds compared to the stadium, coaches can adjust practice intensity or focus on specific drills that better prepare players for the softer stadium ground.

Instantaneous Adaptations for Enhanced Performance

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of Raw Stadia's technology is its ability to deliver instant results. This immediacy allows the baseball team to make on-the-fly adjustments during training sessions and in the lead-up to game days. With high-performance tools at their disposal, the team's management can quickly adapt strategies and training metrics based on real-time data. This agility in decision-making ensures that players are always at their best, with strategies that are continuously refined to leverage the latest data insights.

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The partnership between Raw Stadia and this second professional baseball team is more than just a technological upgrade, it is a prototype shift in how sports performance is approached. With a focus on precise data, tailored training, and risk of injury prevention, this collaboration is setting new standards for what teams can achieve with the right information at their fingertips. As Raw Stadia continues to innovate, the world of professional sports watches, and is eagerly anticipating the next wave of advancements in sports technology and analytics.

RAA on field

See you on the next onboarding, were we're going for another Home Run. A big thank you to the collaborating team that makes it possible to extend in the United States and Canada.

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