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  • Tristan Selis

Raw Artificial Athlete (RAA), setting the Standard in Cutting-Edge Hardware Innovation


We are thrilled to share exciting news from the Raw Stadia team! Our commitment to revolutionising the sports industry has reached new heights with the recent validation study conducted by Loughborough University.


Powered by Collaboration: independent validation by the Loughborough University

At the core of the Raw Artificial Athlete lies a commitment to excellence, validated through a partnership with Loughborough University. This collaboration ensures that our hardware not only meets but exceeds the highest benchmarks of quality, performance, and reliability: accurate and consistent performance metrics. RAA is Scientifically proven reliable for frequent surface testing for artificial, hybrid and natural surfaces.


Unmatched Performance: Raw Artificial Athlete is engineered to deliver and perform, aligned with industry standards and compete with elite standards (AAA). The Raw Artificial Athlete meets the additional demands of fast data-gathering and instant cloud updates.


Robust Design: Built to withstand the rigours of real-world applications, our hardware is designed with durability in mind, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Connectivity within the team: fast data-gathering and instant updates available for groundskeepers, sports performance and management. The cloud-connection results in unparalleled advantages:

·  Closed-loop data collection to the Raw Stadia Portal (error user-friendly)

·  Instant insights on player-surface interaction

·  Advanced data analytics and reporting

·  Multi-surface monitoring


The Future of Surface Quality Tracking

Witness the evolution of hardware technology with the Raw Artificial Athlete. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace innovation, and experience our Artificial Athlete, validated and approved by the experts at Loughborough University.


Contact us to make a reservation on the Raw Artificial Athlete

"Where surface becomes performance"


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