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Meet the Team – Tristan

In ‘meet the team’ you will get to know all Raw Stadia team members. Next up: Tristan Selis, a lifelong passion for sports led him to pursue sports science and now join Raw Stadia, where his interest in improving player performance and safety aligns perfectly with the company's mission. Let's quick-fire some questions.

Meet The Team: Tristan Selis

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and what brought you to join our team?

When I was 4 years, I told my mother that I wanted to go to the local football club, she couldn't stop me. From this day onwards I've been interested in sports. Starting with football and playing many more like handball, squash, rodeo-kayak, skiing, padel and so on. When I studied Sports Science in Brussels, I wanted to compete and measure myself with the professionals in each sport, thus resulting in a multi-sport interest. The people who work in sports have a great mindset. They have a drive and want to achieve goals together, like a team. That's what I like the most.

Raw Stadia is a tech company that adds great benefits to different sports and in general player performance and player health. As I'm also intrigued on how to do sports safely and increase performance, there is a great match.

How do you envision contributing to the team's goals and objectives?

Granting responsibility and fostering the ability to learn from mistakes should be feasible. Of course, this ought to be within certain limits to ensure the company can progress in line with its plans.

What do you hope to accomplish or learn during your time with us?

I aim to continue learning from all of our team members. Gaining diverse insights and maintaining alignment among everyone, though not always perfectly, would indeed be a great achievement.

Are there any specific challenges or opportunities within your role that you're looking forward to tackling?

 I aspire to elevate the company to new heights by diversifying our team with various nationalities and experiences, thereby expanding our collective expertise. Furthermore, I aim for our Sales Team to experience different cultures and connect with people globally.

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

My kids bring me joy, music gets me dancing, and sports fill me with energy. The blend of these joys brightens my day. I also cherish good food, especially when sharing meals with friends and colleagues.

Is there anything unique or unexpected about you that you think the team would find interesting?

While dancing, I can do a split on the dance floor. So far, my body can still handle it, but some of my jeans have ripped because of that.

Lastly, do you have any fun facts or anecdotes you'd like to share with your new colleagues?

I travelled to Melbourne, Australia, and had to return immediately upon arrival. I was travelling for more than 40 hours and spent less than 24 hours on the ground. The sad reason for this change in my trip was that I had to attend my stepdad's funeral.

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