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Latest Portal Updates Unveiled 🚀

Updated: Jul 3

We are thrilled to announce the rollout of our most recent updates to the platform! In our ongoing effort to enhance your experience, we've shifted towards more frequent, bite-sized updates.

Updates & Changes:

New Event: 'Irrigation'

We are introducing the 'Irrigation' event! Now you can select the affected zones, and log millimetre amounts, and meter values seamlessly.

Enhanced User Control: 'Toggle All' Button

We have added a convenient 'Toggle All' button to all events utilizing grids, giving our users even more control and efficiency.

Visual Optimization: 'Zone Transitions' View

Our team has fine-tuned the colour sensitivity of the 'zone transitions' view. Previously, the maximum range was only achieved when the minimum value was next to the maximum. Now, the maximum red colour will be triggered when the transition covers at least 50% of the available range in the data.

We will keep you updated with new releases via our newsletter, and we believe that these incremental updates will contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable experience on our Raw Stadia platform.

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