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  • Thomas Van der Auwermeulen

Expanding Our Horizon: Raw Stadia Ventures Into Multisport Domains

Raw Stadia now expands into multisport domains with versatile hardware and software innovations, offering tailored solutions and expertise to optimize performance and safety across various sports disciplines.

Baseball Display
American Football Display
Soccer Display

For the past half-decade, Raw Stadia has been at the forefront of enhancing player-surface interactions, primarily within the realm of football. Our journey has been supported by a diverse portfolio of esteemed customers, whose invaluable partnerships have not only propelled our product development but have also demonstrated our significant impact on elite football daily. The success and effectiveness of our solutions have sparked interest well beyond the football pitch, leading to a growing demand for our innovative technology across various sports disciplines. Responding to this enthusiasm, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our product offerings to cater to a broad spectrum of sports, accompanied by customized advice for different surfaces.

So, what's new? How are we adding value to your multisport endeavours?

  • Hardware Innovations (RAA & RTT): We've introduced versatile pitch and field layouts to our hardware line-up, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of sports. Whether your facility hosts a single sport or juggles multiple disciplines, our platform now includes sport-specific templates and testing layouts. Setting up and initiating tests on your surface has never been easier!

  • Software Upgrades: Our user-friendly software now aggregates clubs and sports under a unified interface, providing seamless access to sport-specific surface layouts and tailored recommendations. This holistic view simplifies management and enhances your ability to optimize player-surface interactions across the board.

Raw Stadia is already enhancing athletic performance and safety in Football, American Football, Rugby, Baseball and Equine sports. We're continuously expanding our portfolio to include new sports, driven by our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Are you ready to elevate your game?

Whether you're looking to gain insights into player-surface interactions for the first time or aiming to broaden your existing knowledge across different sports, Raw Stadia is your go-to partner.

Get in touch with us today!

Discover how we can transform your sports facilities with our cutting-edge technology and expert guidance.

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