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  • Tristan Selis

2023 MLB Groundkeeper Symposium: Reece Watson unveils Innovative Pitch Management

The MLB Symposium this year was held in San Diego aside the Petco Park, the home base of the San Diego Padres. The baseball groundskeeper community, as we witnessed, delved into enriching discussions and explored stunning pitch locations. The symposium provided a platform for experts and enthusiasts alike to explore the latest advancements in baseball. 

Reece Watson also shares his valuable knowledge as a guest speaker, his presentation focused on revolutionizing pitch management, walking toward improving athletic performance and the potential to reduce the potential risk of injuries among players.

Innovation in Focus:

As baseball evolves, so must the methods employed to manage and optimize player performance. The symposium highlighted the growing need for innovation in pitch management, emphasizing precision, consistency, and player longevity.

Reece Watson's Expertise:

Drawing from his 15 years as Head Grounds Manager at Arsenal Football Club, Reece Watson brought a wealth of experience to the symposium. With a keen focus on leveraging technology in sports, Watson is leading the charge in developing data-driven strategies for grounds management and performance enhancement.

Paradigm Shift in Pitch Management:

Watson's presentation introduced advanced techniques for assessing the impact of clay and grass on the field, identifying stress points and areas for improvement. This innovative approach replaces traditional data collection methods, providing groundskeepers with easy-to-use tools for fast and actionable insights, ultimately leading to increased field quality and better management.


Reece Watson's groundbreaking presentation marks a new era in baseball pitch management. The instant output and innovative strategies promise to provide valuable insights for groundskeepers, management, and sports performance alike. The future of baseball just got a whole lot more exciting! ⚾🌟 #MLBSymposium #PitchManagement #InnovationInSports

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