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Meet the Raw Stadia team - Sofie

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

In ‘meet the team’ you will get to know all Raw Stadia team members. Next-up is our latest addition to the team, Sofie Jans. Let's quick-fire some questions.

Tell us something about yourself? An inquisitive and curious attitude is a constant in my life. When I’m curious, I feel good. It is something hopeful for me. I’m a very proud mom of two. They mean the world to me. When I do sports, I can be quite competitive.

What do you do at Raw Stadia? I would like to boost growth and sales at Raw Stadia by developing business strategies, building client relationships and identify new business opportunities. This includes new markets, growth areas, partnerships and services. Obviously, I’m not doing this on my own. Business development can only happen with support of marketing, intern technical knowledge and office support with supply management.

Why Raw Stadia? I like the mentality of a start-up. It can go fast. And Raw Stadia has a good spirit and mentality in the team. I like the energy and enthusiasm. It triggers me as well to work in the sports industry and working internationally. What is your first impression at Raw Stadia? In my first week at Raw Stadia I had my birthday. I got flowers from them on that day. Bonus points for ever for Raw Stadia 😊. It just feels right to be here and looking forward to be part of the team. What is the number one item on your bucket list? Publish my first children’s picture book and conquer the world with it. Give us some good conversation starters/ Something to talk about during a coffee break. Just anything really. I love to talk and learn from others. It gets so interesting when you start listening to someone’s life story. Are you a sports fan? Certain team? Soccer, rugby, tennis, horse riding, cycling… Interested in all of it really, but not obsessed in anything particular. I play tennis myself and take boxing lessons each week. Doing sports is an important outlet for me and I find it important to stay fit and healthy.

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