Raw Stadia is a sports surface data and analytics company. It was conceived by one of the leading Grounds Managers in world football, and the former Managing Director of the European Stadium Association, who came together to solve a problem...


… how to manage stadium and training pitches with the specific intent of reducing injuries and optimising player performance in elite grass sports, particularly football. 


Up until now there has been very little data captured on how the surface affects the player, and how the player interacts with the surface. 


Raw Stadia’s innovation is founded on our pioneering work to create a software platform, which curates pitch test data, and correlates this to the needs and use cases of sports performance, medical and physio professionals. Crucially we have incorporated a self-service testing process, together with a package of testing tools, which enable clubs to regularly undertake playability tests before each training and match day session, meaning that the data sets available for analysis, are up to date and relevant at the point of need.


Our range of data-driven services, centre around our proprietary, API enabled software platform and our unique combination of surface testing frameworks, testing tools, and automated advice. 


Via frequent testing and monitoring of player surface interactions, our solution enables, clubs, leagues & federations to curate, visualise and analyse reliable pitch data, enabling them to make informed decisions to optimise player safety and performance.



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